Events and meetups I've presented at.

I enjoy sharing my learnings and talking about tech topics in public. I've met some wonderful people throughout the years. When COVID-19 hit, I stopped presenting, but I'd love to get back into it.

Design Systems with React

Triangle ReactJS Meetup. I discuss Design Systems and show Chroma, LifeOmic's Design System.

Functional CSS

Ember Dallas Meetup. I discuss how much cleaner functional CSS can be for ember templates. I introduce TailwindCSS.

Ember Quickstart

Ember Dallas Meetup. I discuss the foundational elements of an Ember application.

Ember Decorators

Ember Dallas Meetup. I discuss ember decorators and class-based syntax.

Testing in Ember

Ember Dallas Meetup. I discuss ember-cli-page-object and ember-test-selectors. Show off very brief examples of why they are great add-ons.

Ember Engine Pipelines

Meetup. I gave a talk about build and deployment pipelines for Ember Engines using Jenkins.