My name is Tony. I enjoy building experiences on the web.

I've always been extremely interested in technology and design. Some of my earliest memories were playing on the original Nintendo with my dad. As I got older, I continued to be interested in video games, computers, and design. I drew my own browser in high school on a notebook after being unsatisified with what was available at the time. I was always drawing new ideas, whether it be video games, characters for a comic I made up, or anything tech-related.

As I got older, I went to college for Computer Engineering. I tinkered a lot with electronics and software, unsure of which I preferred more. I learned to write code in C# during an internship and fell in love with typing something into the computer and seeing my creations on a screen. I would eventually build many Windows Phone applications in college, which set me on the trajectory of a cross between design and development. Windows Phone didn't stick around long, but I learned a ton by building apps.

Since around 2017, I've been working on design systems full-time. I've worked at large and small companies. I enjoy working with creative folks and bringing our ideas to life on the web. I find joy in open sourcing design systems. I am a big advocate for atomic design and composability in Component APIs. Most recently I've worked with React, Tailwind CSS, and Emberjs.